Atlantic Winds

It’s cold. It really is. I walked from 30th St. down to Battery Park and back today, and the wind was out to get me. Brrrrr. The prevailing temperature measurement system here makes no sense, but I’d guess it’s just above freezing 🙂

Yesterday was wonderful to the extent that it made me sad today. I once read a story about a woman who stored memories in jars and placed them on mantlepieces, reliving the experiences whenever she wanted. I see her inspiration.

Battery Park, the southern tip of the island, was, quite frankly, a complete mess. It’s being massively redeveloped (the drawings look stunning) but currently it’s just one big building site. It’s a shame, but it should look great when complete. On the way I passed through the World Trade Centre Site, which was only a little changed (on the surface, anyway) from when I saw it 18 months ago. I see on the news that they’re still arguing about the replacement building. Personally I say build something taller, stronger and wonderful. Sure it’ll be a target, but so will whatever you put there. Of course the point of view of the man who said they should built a strip club on the site. After all, there’s not much that would piss off the Islamic fundamentalists more…

I so want to see this. A Vampire musical with music and lyrics by Elton John and Bernie Taupin? Sounds great. It doesn’t open until the 25th, though, and I guess ticket prices would be through the roof at first anyway. I haven’t read the original Anne Rice novels, but they’re going onto my wishlist once I get home.

Shall be off. Goodnight, or good morning, or that kind of thing.