Big Apple

People selling bagels on street…check
Tall, majestic architecture…check
Havens of tranquility buried amongst city streets…check
Taxi drivers with a deathwish…check
Many people in hats…check
Live leprechaun strippers…check

Yep, I must be in New York. I missed the St. Patrick’s day parade by a couple of hours, but some guy in Times Square just asked if I wanted to see live leprechaun strippers. Two men behind me actually agreed, and were given directions…I don’t think I want to imagine that. I have this image of Mick Hucknall that nobody should be made to suffer.

I survived the plane journey and actually managed to navigate the various airports without doing anything too dumb, which is a first 🙂 Immigration didn’t take me into a small room and interrogate me for having a subversive website, either. I had to give two fingerprints and a photograph (oh, and sign a form saying I wasn’t plotting against the US – those devious form designers), and there were sniffer dogs walking around the baggage collection point.

My seat-back television was broken so I couldn’t watch any films on the plane, but that meant I got through Blink (by Malcolm Gladwell) in one day. Like The Tipping Point, it’s utterly fascinating. Somewhat unnerving, however.

I just walked past the church of Scientology building. These are people who believe in aliens, spaceships and complete woo-woo kakspam, and they have a very prominent home in the centre of the city. There’s definitely something wrong, here…

Don’t even ask what I just had for tea. I have photos, but I can’t upload them here (a somewhat delapidated EasyInternet cafe), so you’ll have to wait for that…Heavens.

Four hours of sleep in the last 24 means I’m not really at my best. Even though it’s still only 2100 I think I’ll head back to the hotel.