From mid-flight, hopefully…

If all goes to plan, this post should appear not long after I’ve taken off. I’m on the way to New York!

Manhattan is one of my favourite places in the world, and I’m very excited about going. This wasn’t even planned until Wednesday evening, so Thursday was somewhat manic 🙂 Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything important!

I can’t really explain any more, I’m afraid. It’s nothing bad, though, and I’m not on a secret spy either…I should be back early Wednesday morning.

I’ve flown to the US on my own once before1 and by far the most worrying part is immigration. Very big, very scary men with guns.

I’m looking forward to many things, including breakfasts. I am a huge fan of pancakes and strawberry sauce, so may indulge somewhat 🙂 There hasn’t been much time to plan, but I’ll read through the guide book on the plane.

Monday is A Day In The Life day on Flickr, which’ll be different 🙂

I should have intermittent email access, and I’ll do my best to send a postcard to anybody who emails me their address…

Not sure when the next update will be, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to post while I’m there.

  1. my first-year college ‘exam week’ was declared in the middle of a family holiday, so I joined up with everybody a week later. As it turned out, there were no exams. []