Google Bought Writely

More info here. If you’ve never used it, Writely is an online word processor. You create and store all documents online, and can save them locally in a variety of formats. The purchase obviously makes sense to Google, and I’m happy about it. I use Writely often, mainly when I’m trying to write some fiction, due to its nicely pared down interface. It has all the features I need, and Just Works. I used it for National Novel Writing Month and had very few problems. My wireless connection died at one point, but the web-based nature meant I could easily pick it up again once I’d borrowed a computer. The equivalent problem for a local word processor would likely involve Windows going down, and then retrieving the file would be tiresome at best. It was also great to save a local copy each night and know that I had two backups, so there was very little chance of losing everything. Google’s purchase means I needn’t worry about them running out of money, or slapping annoying adverts into the content window 🙂 Great!