Discoveries of the weekend

Honey – Yum
Bagels – Yum
Honey on Bagels – *dies*

Scarfs! How I have managed to reach 22 without fully appreciating the wonder of the scarf I have no idea. The scarf is a truly remarkable invention. I may become a scarf connoisseur.

You know you’re walking around a rich area when a driving instructor passes you in a red BMW. Really. I couldn’t get my camera out in time, probably because my mind was imploding under the strain of insurance estimates.

People sitting in queues of traffic will lean out of their windows and try to sell you laptops. This in itself is not so surprising as the inference that there exist people moronic enough to actually agree.

£50 faux-suede coats don’t last very long. About a month, as it turns out. It ripped when I squeezed past somebody with my hands in the pockets – the downward force tore the pocket seem. Gah.

It is possible to get hot chocolate so thick that a spoon is required. This is good stuff, and is apparently the spanish style. I want more. Right now.

There are people who wear jetpacks for fashion purposes:

Jet Pack