Back home

Just back from London. Upon discovering that direct trains only run on weekdays I decided to wait until today, and then my train was promptly cancelled. I was then due to transfer onto a coach at Leamington, but unfortunately it didn’t turn up. The staff realised this immediately and supplied taxis. The wait was literally 90 seconds at most from discovering the lack of coach to the taxis arriving, yet still there were people complaining about the terrible service. Some people need to get a grip.

I had a fun weekend, and the last of the four broken computers is hopefully fixed. I say hopefully because I don’t like it when chkdsk solves problems by itself – it’s normally indicative of something else. No other tools could detect anything wrong, but I’m dubious.

While wandering around central London on Saturday I was wearing a t-shirt, a shirt, a jumper, a coat and a scarf. Despite this, if I stood still for more than a minute I started to shiver. This was to do with it being absolutely Frasier Bollokoff-style freezing, rather than me being a wuss. Honest. I haven’t known it that cold for a long time.

I came home with a few books due to Waterstone’s’ evil 3 for 2 offer. My to-read pile is spiralling out of control.