Woolly Jumper

Just playing around with YouTube.com, after seeing Pterodaktyl‘s clever embedded videos 🙂 YouTube is essentially Flickr for video. The interface is very similar, although I find it far less intuitive. Adding a contact, for instance, is pretty mysterious. You also have to insert details for your video before actually starting to upload, which feels like it wastes time. Still, it’s cool to have somewhere to put videos, and you can embed them into websites very easily.

A few years back (May 2001, according to the file creation dates) Ben and I decided that we would enter a one-minute short film competition we’d discovered in a camcorder magazine. The closing date was the following Monday, and we made ‘Woolly Jumper’ on the Friday afternoon. We didn’t win anything, but it was great fun 🙂 There is no sound, btw.


  • I like how my editing decision at the time was cut cut cut cut cut cut slooooooooow
  • I’d forgotten I ever had film posters up in my bedroom!
  • The sheep was originally purchased in Australia, and goes ‘baaaaaaaaaaa’ as he falls. This is endlessly amusing.
  • It was created on a mini-DV camcorder, and converting it to a suitable format this morning involved the use of the VirtualDub linear video editor, the ever-memorable GSpot codec analyzer, and the Panasonic DV codec.