Long Lost

From the Independent:

Last week, Toby Dawson, a Korean-American with Elvis-sized sideburns and daredevil skills to match, won the bronze medal in the men’s freestyle moguls. His heroics made headlines in the US. In distant Busan, South Korea, they created a sensation.

After watching the event, friends and relatives of Kim Jae-su called him to say that Dawson looked exactly like the son Kim had lost in 1981, when the two-year-old boy became separated from his mother in the town’s market. His father never set eyes on him again. Until, perhaps, now.

Pretty amazing, thus far.

[T]he toddler who became Toby Dawson was found near the same marketplace. The person who found him left him outside a police station. After his parents could not be found, he was placed in an orphanage, where he was adopted by Americans Mike and Deborah Dawson, ski instructors at the US winter sports mecca of Vail, Colorado.

Kim and his wife, meanwhile, had searched everywhere for their tiny son. “I didn’t think reporting it to the police would be of any help, so I went around looking for him myself,” Kim said.

Hmmm? What, now?

The couple never filed a missing persons report.

There must be more to this story, surely.