I need a new alarm clock

My alarm woke me up this morning at 0730. It was one of those pleasant occasions where I wasn’t very groggy. I had a guitar lesson at 1030, which means leaving the flat by 1000, which means getting up at 0915 at the latest. Getting up at 0730 is always good – I have time to get my fingers warmed up for the lesson, as well as responding to any emails etc. So this was a good start. In fact, it was such a good start I could afford five minutes rest before getting up. I hit snooze…and woke up at 1010.

There was some Springer-esque language upon this discovery.

I didn’t make it to the lesson – it would have been a massive rush to make the last twenty minutes. This is the first time I’ve ever really missed anything because of oversleeping.

A washing machine is being delivered (and perhaps installed, but probably not) tomorrow, and the best they could do on timings was “some time between 7 and 7.” I’m not terribly keen on the idea of standing bleary-eyed in my dressing gown while this happens, so I’d best be ready. That means…getting up at 0630. Urgh.