Gmail Upgrades in the UK

I love Gmail, but it irritates me that new features take months to arrive at Gmail UK. Auto-saving of drafts was the last major feature added, and that was in December. In the US they have integration with Google Talk, RSS Feeds, Auto-responders, ‘Accounts’ so you can send from different addresses…Lots of cool stuff. Still, I was happy enough, until last Friday when it abruptly stopped loading in Opera. Firefox and IE still worked, but Opera just stalled. This was annoying. I looked on the Opera forums and it seemed to be a UK-only issue. Then somebody replied with the following:

If your language is set to English (UK) (in the gmail prefs), you are using an old version of gmail. Try setting your language to English (US). That should fix it and give you a whole bunch of new features (grouping of contacts!).

Not only did that fix the Opera problem, but I now have all the cool stuff! Six month’s worth of new features added in about a second – nice 🙂