Friday’s Bloggers4Labour Meetup

Bloggers4Labour had its first anniversary last Thursday, and a meetup was arranged at a Whitehall Wetherspoons. On first hearing about it I hadn’t intended to go – I’m not good in pubs generally, nor around people I don’t know, and also I’m only political in phases. Skuds put some of my fears to rest and convinced me it would be fun, so on Friday I headed down to London. I arrived half an hour early, so wandered down to the embankment and back. At around 1900 I headed inside, spotted the famous B4L sign and introduced myself to Andrew, the creator of B4L. Others soon arrived, and eventually there were1:

Andrew – B4L
Andrew – Andrew Brown
Skuds (real name Andrew) – I found that essence rare
Damian – Pootergeek
Kerron – The voice of the delectable left
Neil – Brighton Regency Labour Supporter
Paul – Mars Hill
Paulie – Never trust a hippy
Tom – Let’s be sensible

B4L: ChattingIt’s most odd meeting people whose blogs you read daily – everybody’s strangely familiar, but at the same time, not. I relaxed very quickly, and had an excellent time.

Neil’s blog is always provocative, and at one point he remarked on his ability to offend people without meaning to. At this very moment an Old Guy walked past and stopped, spotting Neil’s camouflage jacket:

Old Guy: What rank are you?
Neil: I’m not in the army
Old guy: What rank are you?
Neil: I’m not in the army
[Old Guy walks away, then turns and comes back]
Old Guy: That’s very confusing, you know. It certainly fucking confused me!
[Old Guy makes wanking gesture, and leaves]

We were very impressed at this ability to offend without doing anything at all!

Conversation ranged from religion to the smoking ban (we were all of one mind on this, so it didn’t last long) to classic television. Unfortunately the others were sadly deluded over the best Doctor Who – it’s Jon Pertwee, clearly. This conversation had natural continuations…I have been told that I must stick around for a second series.

B4L: More chattingI realised after a couple of hours that everybody around me was drinking beer, while I was on lemonade. Somebody else had bought me the drink, and I realised that I’d completely unconsciously been using the supplied straw. Not terribly manly, but I felt so comfortable that I wasn’t bothered 🙂

Unfortunately due to limited space we were forced to split onto two tables, so I didn’t get to talk to Damian, Paulie or Andrew B very much. I’d certainly like to hear from Damian about what it’s like to run a blog with more than a couple of dozen regular visitors. Next time, hopefully.

I was very surprised to find it was 2300, but I’d had a great time. It was the complete antithesis to dancing the previous night. Many thanks to Andrew for arranging it, and to Skuds for his help.

Update: Other people’s roundups – B4L, Andrew Brown, Skuds, Kerron, Neil, Paul, Paulie and Tom.

  1. was…were…argh []