Must. Sleep. Cannot. Function.

Having written most of a long Jerry Springer review this morning, I’ve just come to finish it off and found myself too tired to do so. The sentences just don’t seem to be working very well…I don’t want to publish something I’d long to fix on a read-through tomorrow morning, so shall wait until I’m awake.

I’ve just uploaded the few B4L photos to Flickr, too. They didn’t turn out so well as I’d hoped, but at least they aren’t completely black!

Incidentally, it turns out that coComment doesn’t work at all like my recent overview suggested. As this blog post of theirs points out, they do not crawl comments. New comments from the ‘Your Conversations’ page will only appear if they are posted by other coComment users. I apologise profusely for not realising this fact, although in my defence it wasn’t made very clear. In my view, this makes the entire service much less useful. It’s handy to have a list of places I recently posted comments, but having to visit each page manually…I feel a bit cheated, really. They say they’re working on incorporating non-coComment-user responses, but if the experiences of the FeedLounge team are anything to go by, the infrastructure needed for large-scale crawling is easy to underestimate.

Hope that made sense. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to collapse.