Motherboard Replacement

I’ve finally been forced to buy a new motherboard, and it arrived yesterday. It’s an Asus A8R-MVP, and features include:

  • Use incredibly complex USB devices like webcams / iPods / card readers without taking down Windows!
  • Plug in firewire drives without completely kakking up the boot process, requiring a keypress on every restart!
  • No ridiculously broken1 hardware firewall!

The above problems were inherent in my Abit nForce4 KN8 motherboard, and seem to be quite common in the nForce4 line. I’m staying well clear of that particular brand from now on. The new mobo is an entirely different chipset, and is reputed to Actually Work Properly.

Motherboard replacements are probably the most annoying operation to perform on a computer. The whole case has to be taken apart and reassembled, and then Windows must be completely reinstalled. It’ll certainly be worth it, but will take a fair while, so I’ll leave it until next week.

  1. some have claimed that it is possible, with windows reinstalls and all sorts of software manipulation, to get this working properly – even if true, it’s still crazy []