Bloggers4Labour Meetup

I’m off to the Bloggers4Labour anniversary meetup in London this evening. I was happy to find that not only are there direct trains to London from Stratford, but it’s a chiltern train that goes through Banbury, so there’s a £15 return ticket! Given that I was once charged £80 to visit a client in London (they paid!), I’m happy with that.

Bit nervous about the meetup – half the reason I blog is because I have the social skills of a mole – but hopefully it’ll be good. They’re all terribly nice people, after all 🙂 My political credentials aren’t quite so hot as most, but hopefully that won’t matter.

I’ll stay overnight in London, but am seeing Jerry Springer: The Opera in Birmingham tomorrow night, so have to get back in time for that. I’ve no idea what I’ll think of the play, but I’m too intrigued to let it slip by 🙂