Late Night Monkeys

It’s two in the morning yet again. I wish I knew why sometimes I just don’t sleep. Whatever the reason, I’m here and checking out the blogs. Late-night blog browsing is always a bad idea, because every single time I write a comment at this hour I look back in the morning and find it doesn’t make sense / doesn’t say what I thought it did / isn’t what I actually think. Right now I really want to write a scathing response to comments #2 and #3 on this post, but I know it’s a bad plan. I think muppetry annoys me more when I’m tired, anyway 🙂

That rule can also apply to my own posts. The above seems fine right now…no saying what it’ll be like in the morning, though.

Here’re some monkeys/chimps/apes/etc. that I like:

ChimpSpider Monkey

Wise MonkeyPoor caged monkey :-(