Old USA Pictures

I was just flicking through photos in Picasa, and it randomly fell on my USA Photos folder – shots from my road trip in 2004. It’s easy for me to forget that I took far more shots than are currently on Flickr. It was fascinating to go through them and be reminded of things I’d completely forgotten. I got as far as New York before deciding that there were many shots I liked – why hadn’t I used them before? Then I remembered my filtering process. I first sorted them in the pre-Flickr days, when I was using gallery software on this website. I had little space so had to take only my very favourite shots, then resize them by 50%. As such, I picked 150 of 1750 shots. Now that I have unlimited space on Flickr, and a much faster upload, I’m putting all but technically-flawed and Just Bad pictures online. It’s great as a full-res backup, if nothing else! I doubt anybody has an RSS feed of my images, but if you do – apologies. I’m working on one city per day, and it’s going to take quite a long time! If anyone’s interested in seeing the new stuff, it’ll all be in this set.