Darwin Day

I discovered this week that this Sunday is International Darwin Day, in celebration of the great man’s birthday. Events are being held worldwide, so this afternoon I was hunting for something to attend.

First there’s a British Humanists’ Association lecture in London by Susan Blackmore, chaired by Richard Dawkins. I’d love to go to this but, sadly, it’s sold out.

Then I spotted was a symposium at Birmingham University. It’s actually happening tomorrow instead of Sunday, but the guest speaker is NCSE staff member Nick Matzke, who wrote the “case for evolution” in the recent US court case in Dover, Pennsylvania, where Intelligent Design advocates were sent packing by a hero judge. There are various other biological talks. This sounded cool, so I looked at the application form to find out when and where it was, and it turns out you needed to have applied by 31st January.

Then there’s the Darwin Day celebrations in Shrewsbury. This includes a lecture by Richard Dawkins, on Sunday. Cool! I eagerly tried to book tickets for this, but it’s sold out too.

There are a couple of events dedicated to the life of Darwin, but I was more interested in the evolution and science side than the man himself. Looks like I’ve left it all too late; I wish I’d found out about it earlier. Damn!