Still Here

I have an ever-growing list of blog posts half-completed on brain-paper, but they’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry for lack of blogging, I’ve had an exhausting couple of days working on various computers, and am determined to get into bed at a reasonable hour1 tonight!

I just cooked a meal for Mum, the first time I’ve done that in the flat, and it didn’t actually turn out too badly. Sure the smoke alarm went off (again) but that was only because of all the smoke. I can’t be bothered to wash up, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow too 🙂

I picked up the second episode of The IT Crowd over BitTorrent (watch out for NSFW banner-ads) after stupidly missing it on Friday, so my plan is to watch that and then collapse into bed.


  1. ie. before 0100 []