The IT Crowd

I watched Channel 4’s The IT Crowd yesterday. It’s from Graham Linehan, the writer of Black Books and Father Ted, and I thought it was pretty funny. Interestingly, they’ve released it online before showing it on TV.

Man 1: Did you and this girl, you know, hit it off?
Man 2: [grins]…Well, define ‘hit it off’
Man 1: Did she carry on talking to you once you’d fixed her computer?
Man 2: …No.

It’s a sitcom set in the IT department of a large firm, and I was impressed with the approach. The computer geeks were human and the idea was to laugh along with them than actually at them. It’s like Galaxy Quest was to Star Trek – making fun, but gently and without malice.

A surprise was the appearance of Christopher Morris as the company boss. As far as I know he hasn’t been seen on television since the fracas a few years ago. He made a spoof documentary satirising the hysterical reactions of the public and media to any mention of paedophilia, and was met with a hysterical media and public. He proved his point completely, but it didn’t do much for his career. It’s good to see him returning to comedy.