The Amazing Meeting 4

The Amazing Meeting 4 is taking place currently in Las Vegas. It’s a conference for skeptics, atheists, freethinkers, Brights, etc. and looks like it’s a lot of fun1. I did briefly entertain the notion of going, back in August, but that lasted maybe thirty seconds before I realised how much it would cost šŸ™‚ I’m very envious of those who are there, though. Guest speakers include James Randi, Daniel Dennett, Michael Shermer, Penn Jillette, Phil Plait, Christopher Hitchens…I’m so jealous! Searching on Technorati shows that there aren’t many people blogging. Jody Wheeler is working hard to blog everything, and Bad Astronomy has promised to update throughout the weekend. is hinting at a UK Amazing Meeting, which would be fantastic. Otherwise, once I’ve made my millions (hopefully within a couple of months) I’ll be there.

  1. this sentence added later, after I realised I’d forgotten to mention what TAM is – a muppetry on my part []