Good, bad and the middle ground

Just when I was starting to think it was just me, I find, via Norm, that Butterflies and Wheels also disagreed with norm’s earlier comment about seeing only the bad in religion. B&W disagreed with him, he countered their arguments, and they’ve just replied. I’ve read through the arguments and, although I still think that Norm misrepresents what’s being said, I’ve discovered some viewpoints I hadn’t considered before.

While most reasonable people agree that creationism / intelligent design are dangerous and backwards ideas, there are far fewer who are willing to debate religion itself – the attitude of ‘you mustn’t criticise other people’s beliefs’ is overwhelmingly prevalent, and I know many people who frown whenever I do. If we were discussing politics there wouldn’t be an issue, but religion still holds this elevated position in society – it’s rude to question ‘beliefs’, and that’s the end of it. It’s not whether you agree or disagree, it’s that you shouldn’t bring it up in the first place.

It is nice to discover that other people feel the same way. I know it shouldn’t matter, but unfortunately I pay more attention to how many people agree with me than I should.