Monkey-Puzzle Tree

No. There is no way that somebody looked at a tree and remarked:

It would puzzle a monkey to climb that tree.

Didn’t happen. Not a chance.

If I ever own a garden, I’m getting one of these trees. And, if possible, a monkey to climb it. Because I bet it bloody well wouldn’t be puzzled. Monkeys are clever, you see. Then they’ll have to rename it Monkey-Easy-As-Falling-Off-A-Piece-Of-Cake-Tree, or Monkey-For-A-Species-That-Can’t-Climb-At-All-You’re-Remarkably-Cocky-Observe-While-I-Throw-Feces-At-You-From-My-Vantage-Point-On-Top-Of-This-Actually-Rather-Simple-To-Climb-Tree. Or something.