West Wing to end

I’ve just seen that my favourite tv show, The West Wing, is to come to an end after seven series. Although this makes me sad, it’s not too much of a surprise. I think the series currently being shown in the US is the seventh, right? Seven series is certainly a good total, and winning four Best Drama emmys in a row is unmatched in TV history afaik. Plus, I think the series has a natural end once two presidential terms are up (although I haven’t seen all of series six yet, so don’t know how this is resolved) and changing president would alter the dynamic of the show considerably.

It’s a shame that the show was actually axed because of falling ratings, and it wasn’t a decision on the part of the writers. To be fair, it was apparently moved to a different slot and the ratings fell subsequently. Such is the logic of the networks! Hopefully it will end in an appropriate fashion, rather than a cliffhanger. It’d be great if they got Aaron Sorkin back to write the final episode, since he created the programme in the first place (plus, it was his writing that earned the show its four emmys).

The good thing about The West Wing is that I can watch past episodes over and over, and still catch new details, jokes or political commentary. I already have series 1-6 on DVD, and asking for more than ~160 episodes would be somewhat greedy đŸ™‚