I have a cold at the moment, except I don’t. I keep sneezing, coughing sometimes, my nose is stuffed with blended frog and I seem to go hot and cold in the evenings. The problem is that I don’t feel unwell at all. Which is no fun. How can I get any sympathy if I don’t feel bad?

Today was exhausting, mind. Lots of driving too and from various addresses, plus trying to fix desperately-needed computers and picking up new hardware. Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight, though. That’s if I don’t wake up at every unexplained noise, of course…

Incidentally, if you want any RAM, buy it online from Crucial. I paid £70 in a local shop for a stick of 512mb PC2700 that would be £35 online. I had to bite my tongue not to make a comment when they told me the price – that’s just crazy. I suppose I could have bartered…but it might not have gone down well, and it always pays to get on with local computer shops 🙂