My New Friend

This is my new friend, Cat. If Cat has a name other than Cat, I don’t know it. I’m house-and-Cat-sitting for my grandparents for the next week and a half, and I’m hoping she’ll decide to reciprocate in friendship. I haven’t spent much time with cats since Benjamin, our family pet who died a good few years ago, and have gotten used to the mania of dogs. To call Cat sedate in comparison would be something of an understatement 🙂 Mind you, Cat doesn’t seem to be your classically aloof feline: she’s perfectly happy to lie on the sofa in the warm for much of the day, and although she feigns indifference when stroked the loud purrs give her away.

My grandparents’ house isn’t quite in the middle of nowhere, but reaching it involves travelling down an alarming number of lanes wide enough for one, rather small, vehicle. You can, however, stand in the garden and hear nothing apart from a nearby farm’s cockerel. There are also nyes of pheasants wandering about the place. And deer, apparently. Plus Cat.

I’m going to work on fixing up the novel I wrote in November, and I’ve also brought the guitar equipment so I can get some good practice in. I’ve borrowed a laptop and piped it into the broadband connection1 so should be online pretty much as normal.

  1. I was astonished when they managed to get broadband way out here, at 1mb too…That speed was touch and go for me in the centre of Stratford! []