FeedLounge Beta

I’ve been an alpha tester on the FeedLounge web-based RSS feed reader for six months or so, and I’m very impressed with it. It’s the only online service I’ve seen that handles my ~200 feeds without slowing down or just making a mess1. Each feed is taggable, meaning that it can appear under one or multiple headings, and the same applies to individual posts. The interface is neat, fast and readable, and it rarely, if ever, needs a page refresh – everything happens via dynamic javascript (including new posts) and is faster than loading the page every time a la Bloglines. I’ve also filed various bug reports on the forums and received direct communications from the developers that have resulted in the problems sorted very quickly. Over six months there’ve been a few glitches and I tried out a number of other feed-readers, but I still find FeedLounge the easiest to use.

Today FeedLounge opened up to everybody for beta-testing. The unfortunate part is that the hardware and bandwidth costs have forced the owners into adopting a $5 monthly fee – they simply don’t have the capacity of Google etc. As an alpha tester I get a couple of months free, but much as I like the service I don’t know whether I can justify paying for it thereafter. I’ll see. If you want to play around, though, there’s a three-hour testing period you can access without payment.

Certainly worth a look, imho.

  1. Google Reader has a fit []