Calm, Andrew, calm…

Apologies for the tone of last night’s post – I was rather cross 🙂 In the end I watched the first two episodes of West Wing Series 6, which was excellent1. So far so good on the spoiler-avoidance front, too.

Being a rational person, I decided to teach my computer a lesson by not turning it on this morning. Ha. Don’t think you can mess me about and get away with it. This technique clearly worked, as this evening I have internet access once more, as well as various emails people will be wondering why I haven’t replied to.

I picked up a prescription this afternoon2, and when I arrived home I found that although my name was on the outside of the bag, the medication inside was incorrect. Further examination revealed it actually had somebody else’s name on it. I took it back and they swapped it over – the pharmacist said he was ‘stressed’ – but that’s so dangerous! I happened to know what I should be receiving and saw that the box was wrong, but even so I had a moment of ‘oh, I’m sure I’m just misunderstanding something’.

  1. it really was – I’d call it a definite return to form if I did reviews []
  2. nothing bad, btw []