Switching from contact lenses to glasses

One of my contact lenses was clouding a little this morning, and when I took it out to wash it my eye stung for a while. I decided to wear my glasses for the day, which I haven’t done for years. I’d forgotten about the fun issue of walking into warm rooms and suddenly not being able to see anything, but the major problem is to do with the way I actually see. I’m not sure how best to describe it, actually. I guess that it’s because the physics of light entering the eye is obviously different with a curved lens over the eyeball and the plane of a pair of glasses. When standing still everything’s fine, but movement feels markedly different. It’s like seeing the world from a different perspective, and is interesting for a while, but as the day’s worn on I’ve felt more and more queasy. Ugh. I’m sure this is a well known effect and I’d be interested to read more about it, but right now I’m going to go lie down.