Google’s Announcements

I don’t know whether the Google keynote has started at CES as yet, but is up and running. It seems to be a software bundle, which includes by default:

  • Google Earth
  • Google Desktop
  • Picasa
  • Google Toolbar


  • Firefox
  • Ad-aware
  • Adobe Reader 7
  • Norton Antivirus special edition

NAV comes with six months free antivirus protection, which is weird. There are various companies who offer free anti-virus tools, why choose Symantec?

Most interesting, though, is one of the optional features:

  • Google Talk
  • Trillian (the free version, presumably)
  • RealPlayer1
  • GalleryPlayer – ?
  • Google Video Player – used to play videos purchased from Google

Videos purchased from Google? Interesting…

The google pack seems like a great idea to me. Sure, most geeks will have all of it already, but your average consumer is probably still using IE and acrobat 5, with no spyware protection or decent antivirus software. Even though I have my doubts about Symantec, as well as it being tradition to despise realplayer, they could definitely have chosen worse products. Giving these more publicity can’t be a bad thing.

News is trickling in…Why’s the $100 laptop on stage?

Update: Something to do with a Divx deal (bet Real love that). Wouldn’t it be great if Google pushed divx as the standard for video, as mp3 is for audio?

  1. mustn’t make snarky comment. Mustn’t []