Back to normal

A couple of days ago I was asked to pick up a reserved item from the local Argos. I was in town anyway retrieving a parcel1 from the post office and while I was in Argos I bought a cheap guitar stand. It was only when the two new boxes arrived that I realised getting them all home would be tricky. One was particularly heavy, and I needed both arms for it. In the end the only method that worked was balancing them on top of each other and holding them underneath. I could just about see over the top, but the long-thin guitar stand stuck out to each side, so I had to navigate carefully around people. This worked well for a few hundred metres, before my arms began to get tired and I stopped at a fence to have a rest. At this point a little-old-lady2 asked if I was ok, and did I need any help? I declined but thanked her very much. I was impressed that somebody would do that!

Took down all the decorations this afternoon 🙁 Flat looks boring without them…I may print off and hang some photos to make up for it. I received a leaflet saying it’s fine to put christmas trees into the ‘garden waste’ bins out the back, so that was nice and easy.

I haven’t seen the last three episodes of Lost, and I know the season finale must be pretty close now3. I’m hoping to get copies of the episodes soon, as it’d be such a shame to hear spoilers now having lasted so long!

Lil and Tom came around this morning, which was pleasant. I think I babble excessively when people are here, mind. Hopefully they had a good day walking around town.

Dancing tonight, where we’ve been promised new steps in the jive. That’s still my favourite, although cha-cha is a close second now.

  1. and most exciting it was, too – thanks again, L! []
  2. not being insulting – that’s what she was! []
  3. if it wasn’t last night, that is []