My Burning Ambition

Just before I left the flat before christmas I received an email requesting that I bring some items with me. Mum needed some plates, some bowls, the microwave, and a baking tray. I was amused by the not-very-surreptitious third item, and on christmas day mentioned that this was a little cheeky. Somebody standing nearby was extremely amused that I, a guy living on his own, would have a baking tray. Obviously I have a baking tray: how else would I cook the oven chips?! A number of people have cast aspersions upon my culinary skills, and I was aware of this when earlier I decided to cook myself toad in the hole from scratch.

I used a recipe from Delia. The process was, basically, put sausages in frying pan, make up batter, pour batter over sausages, put under grill. It didn’t really go to plan. I did end up with something edible, but I did have to remove the battery from the smoke alarm and I did have to open the front door and all the windows for half an hour. Everything was going fine until I was told to cook it under the grill for ten minutes. The smoke alarm went off from a little residual smoke from the pan, and as I was waving at it I turned to see large amounts pouring from the oven door. The top of the food was burnt to a crisp, and the sausages were rather hard. Still, it didn’t actually taste too bad once you got past the black bits 🙂 I felt sorry for the onion rings, though, as they fell to pieces at the first touch of a fork.

I’m still not entirely sure what I did wrongly, but even though I used a few Ramsey-esque expressions the whole process was actually quite fun!