Boxing day relaxation

Hope everybody had a fun couple of days. Yesterday was crazy here. Three year olds are so very, very noisy. Granted they have redeeming features, but the relief when it quietens down is quite remarkable! Megan was her normal crazy self, and early on in the day decided it was her job to guard the turkey. And that she did. Although not managing to get any of it, she did manage to grab a turkey bone in a rare unguarded moment in the late afternoon, which was fun to wrestle away from her.

I managed to escape and watch Doctor Who in the evening. I thought it was great – I definitely approve of the new Doctor! How you can have a dramatic sword fight while wearing pyjamas and still come out of it looking cool, I have no idea. The great acting and dialogue mean I’ll overlook the massive anti-war political comment built into the plot…To be fair, it was a theme of the series too, so wasn’t unexpected. The preview of the upcoming series made it look very exciting – the brief glimpse of K-9 was fun!

I’ve spent much of today and yesterday playing my main present, a Yamaha electric guitar. It’s great 🙂 I’ve been learning for nearly a year and although I’m not good enough to play in front of anybody else, I can make a passable attempt at more simple Oasis songs. I have discovered that electric guitar is far, far easier than acoustic. The strings are far easier to push down, and I can now play barre chords at roughly the same speed as standard ones – I need to reposition my hand far less than before. Bending the strings is much easier, too. My fingers hurt like hell this evening, though 🙂

I’ll head back to the flat tomorrow and decide on any plans for the rest of the week.