Close Call

Dashed out this morning and left my mobile phone behind, which is most unlike me. I’ve been out all day and am currently having tea with my parents, so if anyone’s been trying to contact me…sorry!

Megan scared the hell out of me when I took her for a walk this evening. We reached the corner of a road opposite the park, next to a busy road, and she did a pooh on the grass. I picked it up with a small bag, and she was pulling away from me as I did so. I don’t know whether it was the lure of the park or not wanting to be near her mess, but she was backing away as hard as she could. I started to stand up, at which point something came loose and I was left with the lead in my hand as she ran into the road.

I knew there were cars coming, but not how close they were. She stopped 2/3 of the way across and I yelled for her, but she didn’t move. I could see headlights, and looked up to see whether there was time to grab her. The car on the left-hand side was approaching but was far enough away to see what was going on, I hoped. I looked back down and saw Meg slowly trotting towards me. I have no clue what was approaching on that side of the road, but I stepped into it and reached for her collar, which wasn’t there. I realised that she’d actually slipped the whole collar over her head. It’s surprisingly difficult to get a grip on a dog with no collar, but I manhandled her onto the pavement as the car went past. She kept struggling so I half-carried half-pulled her across the road, onto the grass at the edge of the park. I made it to a safe distance before shoving the collar back over her head.

At this point I became aware of two sensations. Firstly, there was massive relief that she hadn’t killed herself. Secondly, my right hand was gripped around something rather warm and squishy. I looked down with trepidation, but happily, despite me gripping it fairly hard, the bag hadn’t split. I must have knotted it just before she pulled away. We walked back with the collar a notch tighter.

It lasted maybe three seconds total, but scared the crap out of me. She ran into the road without a moment’s hesitation, and it’s sheer chance nothing was coming. I’ll have to talk to Jane about more training for her. I wonder whether Meg’s losing weight, or if the collar’s been adjusted recently. Strange. I’ll certainly be double-checking the collar tightness before walks from now on!