Busy Day

I was christmas shopping for much of today. I also picked up a phone and two lampshades, which pretty much completes my list of Things I Need. I was shopping with a couple of other people, who I’ll avoid identifying for reasons that will become obvious.

I was standing near the toy department of Debenham’s when a mother and child walked past me. The kid must have been about five, I think, and I saw it point to a toy, then heard the mother saying:

Oh, not a chance. I’d poke my eyes out, and yours.

I wish I knew which particular item had elicited that response.

Late in the afternoon one of people I was with started to feel somewhat faint in the lampshade shop, and sitting down didn’t help. She didn’t feel she could walk, so I headed to the flat and drove back around to pick her up. It took me about five minutes, but as I turned into the road I saw an ambulance outside the shop. Not nice.

After quickly parking I discovered that she’d become much worse just after I’d left, and both the shop owner and the other person agreed that they should call an ambulance. The crew checked her over inside the vehicle, and after ten minutes or so she was much better, so didn’t need to go to the hospital. It was likely just too hot underneath the large lights in the shop, but the whole thing was somewhat unnerving. We came back to the flat afterwards and she was fine, so hopefully it was just a passing thing.

The hospital was literally in the next street, but nevertheless I’m very impressed with the speed they responded to the 999 call. I was moving pretty quickly, and they can’t have phoned straight away.

This evening I watched rather a lot of television, but laughed very loudly at Have I got News for You, QI and Jonathan Ross.