Too used to broadband

After checking out the prices for boiler repair etc., we decided to get a British Gas contract. It’s ~£300 per year, but it’s likely that the initial examination and repair would have cost that much anyway, and the BG contract includes all parts and labour. That wasn’t built into the budget, though! The BT engineer should be around tomorrow morning to work on it, which is great as it’s a little chilly in here this evening. Am glad I didn’t phone two days ago

Is it me, or are ITV dramas generally disappointing? Yesterday’s episode of Secret Smile was so promising…Ah well, never mind.

Somebody I vaguely know just sent me a helpful email with news of a fantastic website for avoiding speed cameras! I had to delete it before I replied rather bluntly. Bastards. [deletes rant].

Four days were all I had to last on dial-up internet without muppetry, but I just left it connected for three hours by accident. Dammit! My excuse is that I was cooking at the time, but that doesn’t really cut it.

I have a christmas tree! It’s most pretty. Doesn’t take up *that* much space, either 🙂

Things keep exploding outside my window, in the street. It’s either fireworks, kamikaze fairies, or I should get ready for an evacuation.