Settling In

Expensive day. The initial shop at Tesco for food, cleaning stuff and general supplies came to more than I was expecting1 and I also picked up a couple of christmas presents that needed early posting.

The boiler here is desperately in need of a service. It keeps turning itself off, which is annoying, and hasn’t worked at all since about 2000 this evening. I haven’t been able to do any washing up yet2 – how annoying šŸ™‚ Actually it is bloody annoying. The flat’s actually quite warm generally, but my inactive computer habits don’t help with keeping at a reasonable temperature. I won’t want to get out of bed tomorrow morning!

After reading on various forums that indoor aerials could work well for freeview I tried one out, but still no joy. The analogue picture is pretty dire, too, so I’ll need to do something. I have the number for a local aerial company who will apparently give me a quote for a proper loft installation, but I dread to think how much that’ll be…Given that the signal checker for Stratford recommends an “amplified extra high-gain” aerial, it’s probably best to let the experts handle it. Either tha

I went to pick up a christmas tree this evening, but B&Q didn’t have much left. I’m back in Solihull tomorrow for my guitar lesson, so will pick something up from one of the massive stores there.

Ooh, I received a letter! A bill, naturally, but a letter for me nonetheless šŸ™‚

Kinda lonely today, although I deliberately kept myself busy whenever I felt it coming on. I’m hoping this is something that passes, rather than one of those things you just have to get used to.

It’s getting chilly in here, so I’m going to curl up in bed.

  1. and I was being thrifty, really! []
  2. I could just use cold water, I guess – or does the heat help to kill germs? []