Moved In!

I’m in! After all these months, I’m finally spending the night at the flat.

We loaded up the van this morning, grabbed a flat-pack bookcase from Argos, and then with some help from my uncle and grandmother moved it all into the flat. It’s now all tidy, amazingly. After borrowing Nod’s modem (thanks again!) I’m up and running on dialup. It’s strange not being permanently connected! I must remember not to connect much during the daytime, or it’ll cost me a fortune.

I need to pick up a fair few things tomorrow, and am trying to keep a list as I think of them. The more expensive items I’ll subtly request for christmas šŸ™‚ Speaking of which, tomorrow’s decorating day, and I’ll be getting the largest tree I can find – if you don’t have to chop the top off to fit it into the room, it’s not big enough!

The freeview reception is weird in Stratford as the broadcast frequencies are higher than normal, requiring a wideband aerial. I have the box, but it seems that the building aerial isn’t the correct type. I’ll ask in the local TV shop tomorrow – it must be a fairly common request. Maybe they can install a loft aerial.

Mum and Dad went home a couple of hours ago. I keep thinking of an episode of Ballykissangel I saw years and years ago, in which somebody left home, and the final shot was of an empty room, with the faint sounds of both parties crying. I’m very close to Mum and Dad and don’t like leaving at all in that respect. I’m happy to have my own place and to be in Stratford and everything, and I know they’re happy for me too. But it can’t be pleasant when your kids leave home, and I hope they’re ok. I’m a mixture of excited, scared, sad and nervous tonight.

I just took a walk into town, which was very pleasant. It’s cold, but misty so the christmas lights are beautiful. I took a fair few photos before my camera battery started to fail, and I’ll put some onto flickr, while saving others for the advent calendar.

Am going to settle into the sofa and watch a dvd, I think. Goodnight!