PackingSpent the evening packing the contents of my room into boxes and copious plastic bags. It’s maybe 2/3 complete, and I haven’t started on all the computer stuff yet. The sheer amount of stuff I have is ridiculous, yet I can’t bring myself to throw much of it away. I did manage to part with a small ukelele that I dragged around the US after buying it in the first week, then never looked at ever again, but my bungee-jumping sheep that yells ‘baaaaaa’ as he falls? He’s a keeper.

I have no clue where I’m going to put all this. Thank goodness there’s a loft.

We’ve borrowed a van from a neighbour, and will likely be making multiple trips with that and the Focus. I’m also going to look for the largest bookcase I can get my hands on immediately, as I somehow managed to forget that the books would actually need to go somewhere. I really want a massive bookcase, so shall probably look for generic shelving.

I had an email today to say that my broadband is due to be enabled next Thursday, which is pretty fast work. Since they said nothing I guess the line must support 1mb – woo! I’ll use dial-up until then, the only problem with which is that I don’t actually have a modem. Didn’t realise that until half an hour ago! Can’t think of anybody to borrow one from as yet…Shall ponder.