Thursday Movements

I arrived at the flat just after 0900 and the sofa turned up forty minutes later, just after I’d finished unloading the car. They had trouble getting it up the stairs but managed it eventually – am glad we decided the three-seater would look too big 🙂 As luck would have it the rubbish truck arrived moments after they left, so I was able to ditch all of the associated packaging. So that was great timing, and no need to hang around all day. I stayed for a while and put together two stools and a small table, so that more than two people could sit down at any one time. It was a beautiful morning, and the sun came nicely into the room. It’ll be great once I’m all moved in and it’s cosy.

I bumped into a neighbour and we said hello as we walked past each other, and three seconds later I thought that I should have introduced myself properly. Why don’t I think of these things?! I hope she doesn’t think me brusque already! I figure that christmas cards will be a good way to say hi.

We went to the dancing group’s christmas ‘ball’ this evening, which was great fun. They had a CD of christmassy tunes set to standard dance rhythms, and jiving to Slade was most enjoyable! I took some photos which I’ll put online tomorrow, hopefully. A tie was de rigeur, but thankfully it was ok to take it off after twenty minutes. I enjoy feeling smart in a jacket, shirt, black trousers and smart shoes – they’re great to dance in, too – but a tie just feels like a phallic navigational aid around my neck for no good reason.

Tomorrow should be marginally less manic, I think.