Text-Speak Circa 1945

Dad found this in the loft yesterday:

Text Speak Circa 1945(ish)

It was typed by my grandmother, at some time during the second world war. I guess that ‘txt-speak’ is the result whenever people communicate frequently, quickly and informally. You certainly couldn’t say that it affected her writing in years to come – she used to send immaculate handwritten letters by the dozen! She died in 1997, just a little too early for her to get into email and instant messaging, which I bet she’d have found fantastic. She’d definitely have loved being able to see her Australian grandchildren via webcam.

I used to have a good number of clients who I’d describe as little-old-ladies, without being derogatory in any way, who were really clued up on email and the Internet generally. They were definitely the best type of clients: they were always friendly, always admitted if they’d been playing around with settings or clicked something they thought they shouldn’t have, were always eager to learn new tricks or methods of doing things faster, I was always offered tea and biscuits…I used to like them a lot. Far better than smelly businesses 🙂

There used to be a 90 year old lady in Knowle who advertised her services for computer support. I was told of a time that she helped somebody out via mobile phone while passing through the checkout at Tesco. That’s just brilliant. Imagine being the person standing behind her!

Update: Dad tells me that my grandmother was in the RAF and worked at Chicksands Priory as a telegraph operator. He said she was in codebreaking, and according to this site Chicksands was a listening station that supplied Bletchley Park with raw data.