Qoop Photo Books

Qoop are a photo printing company who can link into your flickr account and produce high-quality bound books. They’re reasonably customisable too: you can select from various page layouts, change the book title, select different types of stitching etc.

A few weeks back I ordered a Qoop book of the photos from my friend’s daughter’s 21st birthday party. I ordered it on a Saturday evening. 132 photos with a four-per-page layout. The total cost, including delivery to the UK (from the US), was just over £17. It arrived the next Friday, which was quite remarkable – I’ve known UK deliveries take longer! The full-colour result was very impressive and the birthday girl was very pleased with it. You can see various examples of the books here, and they also print posters. I’ve asked for their help a couple of times and they’ve replied very quickly and helpfully. I like them.

So here’s the thing: you can order books of other people’s photos. They would make great presents. However, the photo owner needs to set their flickr printing options, or nobody will be able to buy them the book as a present. Hint.

There seems to be a slight issue right now to do with your flickr location, and for the moment I’ve needed to set my own location as the USA to see the Print options for other people. This is either a slight glitch that they’ll fix, or I’m being a muppet and misunderstanding the process. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the latter, as there’s a bell ringing somewhere in my brain that I can’t quite locate…(update: now fixed. The site, not my brain.)

So please go set your options, for all frustrated present-givers out there. Then, if the option isn’t there at least we’ll know that it’s a deliberate choice 🙂