Aural Fun

Turns out that ear syringing isn’t as bad as it sounds. A reasonably strong jet of warm water is fired into the ear, and whatever comes out is caught in a cup. I was expecting some kind of syringe to be involved, and a popping suctiony type sound. I’m happy to say that it worked very well, and I can now hear again! Only problem now is that the other ear feels blocked in comparison…The nurse said it was quite full, but you need to apply drops for three days prior to syringing so couldn’t do anything about it. There’s apparently some soreness in both ears, which isn’t very normal, so I’ll have to make a doctor’s appointment to get it all checked out at some point.

After learning it in my guitar lesson this morning I’ve just purchased my first ever song by Green Day, a band which didn’t appeal in the slightest before now. Wake Me Up When September Ends is the track, and I quite like it. Last week it was Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2) by The Damned, so I’m really expanding my musical horizons at the moment 🙂 Currently trying to get to grips with pentatonic scales – I’ve never had any real understanding of music theory and it’s not so scary as I thought. I seem to have been born without the ability to tune or identify chords in the same key, however.

This morning I had a half-hour chat with a very pleasant BBC researcher about my experiences at Live 8. I hadn’t had any breakfast so probably wasn’t on my best form, but hopefully I gave him the kind of information he was after. He said they’ll talk to as many people as they can and then decide who to film for the BBC2 show – that would be exciting!

Finished writing this twenty minutes ago, then got distracted by first time housemoving tips over at Ask Metafilter. It’s such a useful website!