Just back from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which I found wonderful. I’ve liked each successive film more, and this was no exception. While telling a remarkable amount of the book in a two hour film, it still managed to cram in layer upon layer of interesting and beautiful little moments. I won’t spoil any, but if you’re a fan of great storytelling I recommend it very much.

The above is despite the fact that my annual broken-ear problem has returned. It felt slightly blocked at around 1900, although I could still hear reasonably well, but when doofus here tipped in some warm water 1 it completely blocked for good. This is the fourth time in as many years I’ve had this problem, and so far it’s always taken four or five days to fix. Last time I solved it myself by medically dubious methods2 and I’d rather not do that again! I’ll pop into the pharmacist tomorrow and see what they recommend.

The novel hit 47,500 words this afternoon. Depending on how well the ending goes, I may make it to 50k tomorrow. I’m still a little unclear on exactly how things will resolve themselves, but hopefully it’ll all fall into place.

If you feel the need for warmer cockles on this bloody freezing winter night, I recommend Tycho of Penny Arcade‘s post on the birth of his son.

  1. like the books recommend, I’d like to point out []
  2. wax-dissolving ear drops, a pipette and some pain were involved []