Harry Potter in Space

I love that the International Space Station just had a special screening of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. According to the BBC article they have a DVD library up there – how cool is that 🙂 I’m hopefully seeing HP4 this evening. When the book came out I read it too quickly and can’t remember the specifics of the plot any more, so the film should be more of a surprise than the first three. I’ve since discovered that reading anything in a day doesn’t work for me – it’s enjoyable at the time, but doesn’t work for fond memories. I’m looking forward to the Quidditch scenes, and I wonder whether Hermione will continue to steal the show from her co-stars – she has the character down pat1, imho.

Update: I’m seeing HP on Friday…It’s not Friday today, is it. Why did I think that? I’m broken.

  1. this feels very weird to type, and I had to check it wasn’t a phrase I’d dreamt. Apparently it originated in poker []