When this fog’s gone…

I’m currently reading The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray and I don’t think it spoils the plot to reveal that when the mists descend upon London, monsters foul and dark begin to ravage the populace. I was reading this afternoon, and looked out of the window to see this:


It’s mauve! Clearly supernatural. The whole day was pretty misty, actually. Meg and I went walking during the clearest hour:

Megan in the Park - 3

Today we encountered:

  • A man blowing the leaves from his drive while wearing a very smart suit
  • A 13-week old labrador puppy who had just been for a swim. He was very sweet, even if he did get mud all over me
  • A stream, which Megan liked a lot

Megan by the stream - 7

Megan by the stream - 5

Megan by the stream - 4

Such a treasure šŸ™‚

Started writing much too late today, and only finished just after 2300. Passed 40k though, which was my intention.

Am knackered – must go to bed…Night!