Adverts during Lost

Channel 4 have been criticised for the number of adverts shown during my current favourite tv show, Lost. I can’t say I’ve noticed many more adverts than normal, but for a few weeks they did try putting an advert break in after the title sequence, which was very annoying. It’s jarring to put ads three minutes into a programme! The only comment I take issue with is:

Ofcom found that Lost contained about 36 minutes of new material in its 65-minute weekly Channel 4 slot.

Each Lost episode contains an average of 42 minutes of material, but up to five minutes of that comprises of credits and a reprise of events from the previous episode.

The reprises rarely last more than thirty seconds, and the title sequence is one of the shortest I’ve ever seen! The credits actually appear superimposed onto the episode, and it seems a little unfair to take issue with that.