A bio-degradable material, clearly

Note: Having re-read the below, I have noticed it is possibly the least interesting post ever written by anybody, ever. Pictures of a gate!

Just before leaving for the US last September I picked up a coat. It was £45 from a rather odd shop in Solihull, and isn’t really the greatest quality. In fact, the car keys had ripped open the pocket lining before I even returned from the trip. In the last year it’s degraded to the point where there are no useful pockets and I regularly find objects in the lining1. Still, it looked fine on the outside, so that didn’t matter too much. I wore the coat most days when walking Meg. This is the exit from the local park:

Gate of Doom

You used to be able to duck under the left-hand side, until the local council boarded it up. So now Meg and I navigate the awkward gate that requires you to push the rotating bit2 away from you, then edge around it and again push it out of the way. Which is fine, but the edge-around-zone contains the Evil Nail of Death:

Evil Nail

I’ve caught my coat on that little bastard three times now3, and it’s ripped a large hole in the outside material on the arm. I keep meaning to take a hammer and kill it. Ah well, it’s not like that matters too much. Today, however, I set out for the walk and the zip stayed open as I pulled it up.

I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get a new coat.

  1. sometimes sweets, which is often a pleasant surprise []
  2. can you tell I’m writing a novel? []
  3. learning curve? Pah! []