Notes on Thursday

I’ve recently fallen into the habit of going to bed slightly earlier and watching the day’s episodes of The Daily Show and Sports Night. Both are great, but I’ve realised that the latter is in fact bad for me. Every episode contains something that sets my mind going, then I can’t get to sleep. Yesterday’s, incidentally, introduced me to the wonderful word persnickety. That’s a keeper.

Just saw David Cameron being interviewed on Newsnight. Again, I thought he was impressive. Jeremy Paxman helped by asking some entirely ridiculous questions, but DC fought back well. Such a shame he’s a Conservative 🙂

One last thing: two wonderfully sharp essays on What it Feels Like to be an Atheist, and Why Atheism. Excellent invocation of my favourite bearded metaphor, too. Via the j-walker.

Oh, and New Scientist now has a podcast. Kinda like Darwin, but with different words.

Bit of a crap day, truth be told. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!