Still Progressing

Caught up on words today. Being awake helps so very much!

I found out yesterday that the valuer finally got back to the Halifax with his recommendations. We don’t actually know what he said, but the Halifax have now requested an indemnity document, which the Seller’s solicitors are drawing up1. This apparently covers them against being sued by…someone. I’m told this is very simple and shouldn’t take long. That’s the final hurdle, as far as I know, so it’s possible things may start to happen in the next few days. That’s good, because the sofa is still being delivered directly to the flat ‘before the end of November’ 🙂

Just off out for what’s become an annual meet-up with some friends I used to work with. I’ve enjoyed the last couple of get-togethers very much, so it should be fun.

  1. at my expense, apparently []