Cineworld Sound Problems

Just back from Wallace and Gromit, which I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, it was rather spoilt by two of the front three speakers cutting out for a few minutes at a time. This made the volume decrease suddenly, which was much more annoying than you’d think! During dialogue it was particularly jarring. I wouldn’t normally mind, but this has been happening at the cinema since the summer and they haven’t done anything about it. I can remember noticing it on at least three occasions. So I complained.

The cinema is Cineworld in Solihull, and I sent them the following email:


Tonight’s performance of Wallace and Gromit (20:30 in screen 6, on Friday 11th November) was plagued with sound problems. I’m pretty sure the centre and right speaker were cutting in only intermittently, throughout the film. This was particularly annoying during dialogue, as the volume would decrease dramatically.

Normally I wouldn’t complain – these things happen, after all – but this problem has definitely been around since the summer. On at least three occasions (starting with Kingdom of Heaven) I’ve noticed the same thing, and although I can’t be sure, it seems likely it wasn’t all in the same screen. It’s disappointing that it’s lasted so long. I’m not after money back or anything, but if you could fix the problem I’d very much appreciate it!


Too wussy? Probably. I’m not good at nasty. I imagine a letter would have more effect, and if I get no response maybe I’ll try that. I don’t expect perfection every time, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to leave a problem like that for so long.

Update on 5th December: No reply yet, so I guess I’d best send a letter. Not very related, but I was there on the 3rd and noticed a member of staff standing at the side, apparently watching for any disturbances in the audience. He was there for a good hour, which was quite impressive. ‘course, he could have just wanted to see the film 🙂